2019 Spring Self Schedule Meeting

Please read through this carefully.   ALL GCSL teams are required to attend the self-schedule meeting(s) on Sunday, February 10th at the Marriott Northeast.  If you cannot attend, you MUST send a representative.  The address for the Marriott Northeast is 9964 South Mason Montgomery Road.  The age / gender schedule is below.  You should be collecting any conflicts you have with your players so you will have a list of available dates when you come to the meeting.

The self-schedule data input will now be done through the GCSL website by a club appointed person.  This means coaches will not enter their own home games but will work with the field scheduler and data input representative.  Your club should send you details before the meeting. 


12:00 to 12:45 – GU09, BU09, BU14 (15 divisions)

1:15 to 2:00 – GU10, BU10, GU14 (15 divisions)
2:30  to 3:15 – GU11, BU11, GU13 (14 divisions)
3:45 to 4:30 – GU12, BU12, BU13 (10 divisions)

At this meeting you will schedule each of your matches using the following guidelines.  Be mindful we will be operating under the “Spirit of GCSL” cooperation.

  1. Each team MUST have a representative at the meeting to schedule games.  If a team is not represented at the meeting, all opponents will be instructed to schedule a home match against the missing team.  In effect, if your team is not represented, you will play the season with all away games.
  2. As you can see from the above times, we are on a tight schedule.  You will have approximately 45 minutes to schedule your matches.  I encourage you to contact your opponents now to TENTATIVELY schedule your matches.  However, you must receive approval from the home field scheduler (who will be attending the meeting).
  3. Unless otherwise agreed upon by all teams in your bracket, divisions with: {5 teams will play 8 games}, {6 teams will play 7 games}, {7 teams, will play 6 games}, {8 teams, will play 7 games},  {9 teams, play 8 games}, and {10 teams will play 9 games}.
  4. Coaches will decide the home team.  If you play an even amount of games, you will schedule ½ as home games.  If you play an odd amount of games, you can have no more than one extra home game.  If you had 4 home games last season, you will be expected to schedule 3 this season.
  5. Each club will have a field scheduler at the meeting.  Once you have decided on a date and time, the HOME team will check with their field scheduler to ensure that date and time slot is open.  Some fields will have dates and /or times blocked / unavailable due to tournaments or other events including TPL matches.
  6. Matches can be scheduled between March 15th and June 11th.  If you schedule a match before March 15th, your fields may not be ready and you might not have referees.  So, if you schedule before this date, you will need to ensure your fields are ready and you have referees. 
  7. Approximate start times for weekend matches are listed below.  Your field scheduler will have the final say on your game start time.
  8. Once your schedule has been set, you will not be able to change it.  Reschedules will be for rainouts or extenuating circumstances only.
  9. In the past, many teams asked if they could schedule more than one match on a weekend day.  The answer is yes.  OSYSA rules allow teams to play no more than 2 matches in one day though.  We did have a team schedule 2 games on a Saturday and 2 on Sunday, getting 4 of their 7 matches out of the way in one weekend.  That left them more time for tournaments.

Suggested weekend start times:

U11/12  play 60 minutes   8:30   9:40  10:50  12:00   1:20   2:40   4:00   5:20   6:40

U13/14  play 70 minutes   9:00  10:30  12:00  1:30    3:00   4:30    6:00

U15/19  play 80 minutes   8:30  10:15  12:00 1:45  3:30   5:15